Big Announcement : Govt to Cover Power Bills for the Needy, While High-End Homemakers Shoulder Usage Costs – LG Sinha

The Government’s Initiative for Fair Power Billing: An Announcement Made by the J&K Lieutenant Governor


In a recent announcement made by Jammu and Kashmir’s Lieutenant Governor, Manoj Sinha, a significant step towards fair power billing has been unveiled. Sinha stated that while the government will take care of the power bills of those who cannot afford them, individuals with lavish homes and high-tech devices such as iPhones with 5G service will have to pay power tariffs based on their usage. This move aims to ensure equitable distribution of electricity costs and promote responsible consumption. During his address in Kulgam, Sinha also emphasized the need for cooperation in the installation of smart meters and highlighted the government’s commitment to accelerating power generation and infrastructure development in the region.

Promoting Equitable Distribution:

Acknowledging the disparities in power consumption across different sections of society, Governor Sinha expressed his commitment to ensuring fairness in billing. By exempting those who are economically disadvantaged from power bill payments, the government aims to alleviate financial burdens on the marginalized. However, those with palatial houses and luxury devices are expected to contribute their fair share towards power consumption. This approach ensures that electricity costs are borne by those who have the means to afford them, creating a more balanced system.

Smart Meter Installation:

To facilitate accurate power metering, Governor Sinha urged the residents of Jammu and Kashmir to cooperate in the installation of smart meters. These advanced devices will improve the measurement of power consumption and enable more precise billing. By adopting this technology, the government aims to enhance the transparency and efficiency of the billing process, benefiting both consumers and power suppliers alike.

The Need for Sustainable Consumption:

During his address, Governor Sinha highlighted the importance of paying for power usage, stating that Jammu and Kashmir has borrowed approximately Rs 20,000 Crore worth of electricity over the past four years. This practice is not sustainable, and it is crucial for individuals to pay their fair share based on their consumption. By making this appeal, the government seeks to promote responsible energy consumption and ensure a reliable power supply for all.

Accelerating Power Generation and Infrastructure Development:

In addition to addressing billing concerns, Governor Sinha also assured the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir of the government’s commitment to accelerating power generation. The region has historically faced delays in completing projects, often due to challenging topography and snowfall. However, Sinha affirmed the government’s determination to break this tradition and complete projects in a timely manner. This commitment towards infrastructure development will contribute to the state’s overall progress and help improve its power generation capacity.

Empowering Farmers:

Governor Sinha also highlighted the government’s efforts to empower the farming community in Jammu and Kashmir. Currently ranked fifth in the country in terms of income, Sinha expressed his determination to elevate the income of J&K farmers to the number one spot. This vision reflects the government’s commitment to supporting agriculture and improving the livelihoods of farmers in the region.


The announcement made by Jammu and Kashmir’s Lieutenant Governor, Manoj Sinha, highlights the commitment of the government towards fair power billing and sustainable consumption. By exempting economically disadvantaged individuals from power bill payments and urging those with higher consumption to pay as per their usage, the government aims to promote equitable distribution of electricity costs. The installation of smart meters will enhance transparency and accuracy in billing, while the focus on timely project completion and efforts to uplift the income of farmers demonstrate the government’s dedication to overall development and progress in the region. Together, these initiatives will ensure a more sustainable and prosperous future for Jammu and Kashmir.

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