Embark on an Academic Odyssey with Pearl Academy of Science: Enriching Education from Accomplished Mentors!

Embark on an Academic Odyssey with Pearl Academy of Science: Enriching Education from Accomplished Mentors!

At Pearl Academy of Science, we take pride in our distinguished team of erudite and seasoned educators who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Catering to classes 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th, our esteemed faculty comprises a constellation of luminaries who are committed to providing unparalleled coaching to ignite the minds of our students.

Behold our Academic Connoisseurs

   ■ M Arif Zargar – English (MA, NET, JRF, PhD, 5 Years of Experience)
  ■  Rauf Zargar – Physics (MSc Physics, KU, 4 Years of Experience)
 ■   Aabid Malik – Zoology (MSc Zoology, 5 Years of Experience)
  ■  M Hussain Mir – Physics (MSc Physics, NIT, 4 Years of Experience)
  ■  Auqib Rasool – Business Studies (MBA, NET, JRF, PhD Pursuing, 3 Years of Experience)
  ■  Ishfaq Ah Rather – Chemistry (MSc Chemistry, 5 Years of Experience)
  ■  Zahid Ah Dar – Mathematics & Economics (BA Maths, MA Economics, 4 Years of Experience)

At Pearl Academy of Science, we believe that the quality of our educators plays an indispensable role in shaping the academic success of our students. With their profound expertise, unwavering commitment, and innovative pedagogy, our distinguished faculty ensures that our students are empowered to achieve academic excellence and embark on a fulfilling academic odyssey.


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Unleash your intellectual potential with Pearl Academy of Science and embark on an enriching educational journey! Enroll now and let our accomplished mentors guide you towards success.

For any inquiries or elucidation, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following numbers: +918825006799 and +917006487311.

Our proficient team will be delighted to extend their assistance and address any queries you may have.
Our campus is strategically situated on the esteemed 3rd floor of the esteemed Doshaba Complex, precisely opposite the renowned 9/11 Store in Kreeri.


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The facility is replete with cutting-edge amenities and fosters an immersive and enriching learning environment, ensuring an unparalleled educational experience for our esteemed students. (Kashmir News Watch-KNW)


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