Feminine start up ! Women Group in a roomy Village manufacturing Sanitary Napkins

Mohammad Yaseen Malik

Woman clan comprising of some eleven members from a remote village of district Bandipora “Shahgund” got the most fascinating idea of production of Sanitary Napkins to become sprout entrepreneur which aided their lives and buffered health of other women as well.

According to Kashmir News Watch-KNW, the Group under the banner of ‘Rahat Health and Wellbeing’ notes that women’s residing in different remote villages and other far-flung areas lack the basic knowledge of health and hygiene which ultimately unfolds into a catastrophe.

According to them this became the sole purpose for such diligent startup and we decided to give the information and knowledge regarding the hygiene and not only info but we also provide them with the most affordable sanitary products, Our vision is to reach every nook of Kashmir to enhance the health and hygiene and make sure no other person will be influenced by diseases related to sexual health, says one of its member.

Keeping these things in mind, we with the help of factual data provided by self Help Group and support of ‘JKRLM UMEED’ scheme, and with our personal research based information, continue research found that there’s dire need of something vehement to provide information and benefits of usage of Sanitary pads in common masses, most woman’s fail to seek due to different socio economic issues including certain stereotypes, she added.

The sole issue which we encountered during our survey is that most of the women usually our mothers don’t know the use of sanitary napkins as they’ve never known about the health hazards caused due to usage of clothes or fabrics.

A woman should be provided basic knowledge and information about the things which are important for her but we lack these things in our society .Who is responsible we all , we should empower our woman with knowledge , wisdom and support them to avail their life in a better way” a member of added.

We must admire these kinda women’s who often try to do something fruitful for our community, there are so many who do offer their caliber, because of socio, cultural and economic barricades, we’d remove the shackles of this mental slavery and emancipate them.(KNW)

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