Only Rabbit Breeding Farm of Kashmir At Wussan Pattan

Only Rabbit Breeding Farm of Kashmir At Wussan Pattan


Mohammad Yaseen Malik


Pattan : Kashmir’s lone Rabbit Breeding Farm situated at Wussan Pattan area in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district, where one can get rabbits for pet making purpose and setting their own business Units.


The lone Angora Rabbit Breeding Farm in Kashmir, that was established in 1979, it also gave several opportunity to unemployed youths for setting their own businesses setup, which not just gave unemployment youths a handsome earnings by sitting at home but only gives wings to pet lovers as rearing rabbits as pets have become very popular across Kashmir.


In the rabbit farm, atleast eight different genus are available including Californian White, New Zealand White, Angora German, Angora French, Grey Giant, Black Brown and Soviet Chinchilla.


In the farm, the costliest breed “Angora” is known for Wool while Grey Giant, others are only meant for meat purpose and Russian Chinchilla and German Angora is mostly famous for pet lovers.


Doctors and researchers also prefer some people with cardiac problems to eat rabbit meat, which is considered lean and white with high nutritious value.


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