Reviving Kashmir’s Lost Culture: The Responsibility of Today’s Youth

Reviving Kashmir’s Lost Culture: The Responsibility of Today’s Youth

Asfiya Taliey

If we reflect on the past, history will bear witness that the present age has surpassed ancient times, thanks to advancements in technology and other facilities. However, in terms of education and proper training, the ancient era had an advantage. The youth of today seem to lack cultural and educational values, honour, dignity, and the ability to stay on the right path.

During childhood, we may have ignored the stories and advice of our elders, but as we mature, we realize the importance of their words. Respect for elders, compassion for the young, fundamental principles that must be upheld moral discernment, and knowing what’s good and evil.

 Merely living in the Kashmir valley does not automatically make one a true Kashmiri. To develop the spirit of Kashmiris, one must awaken their soul, develop courage, and become more humane is incumbent upon us to serve as a model for ourselves and our society since those who showed us the right path have passed away.

Allama Iqbal’s poem “When the eagle spirit wakes up, it sees in the youth its destination in the easy,” emphasizes the need for the younger generation to implement his words into their lives. It is crucial to come to our senses and strive for a more promising future for ourselves and our communities, whether it be in Kashmir or any other part of the world.

Kashmiri’s are not what we see around us today. It does not endorse drug addiction, rapes, bullying, mass murder, or ignorance. Kashmir and its culture are all about hospitality, happiness, brotherhood, good behaviour, morality, and things that help us grow as a family.

Many writers and artists are trying to revive Kashmir’s lost culture through their work, but ultimately it is up to us to manage our own lives. By following the difference between right and wrong, performing good deeds, and being hospitable and kind, we can revive Kashmir’s culture and promote positive values for ourselves and future generations.(KNW)

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