The Road to Healing: A Journey of Self-Discovery

The Road to Healing: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Mohammad Yaseen Malik

Sometimes you write your heart out and that ends up becoming a poetical delineation of emotions, Hope you’re doing good I just wanted to convey my frustration to you with all these words.

When she left, my world shattered
Dreams that once mattered, now lay scattered
Promises made with love and care
Now mere echoes of a love once so rare

The future we once planned, now lost
A dream that came with a heavy cost
The memories that remain, a constant pain
A love that was once pure, now in vain

The tears that fall, a testament to the pain
A heart once whole, now forever stained
The hope we once held, now forever gone
A broken heart, left to carry on

But still, I’ll stand, even if it hurts
And hold on to what is left, despite the worst
For in the ashes of our love, I’ll find a way
To build a new tomorrow, and find a brighter day.

So I’ll gather the pieces of my broken dreams
And with each shattered shard, I’ll stitch a new seam
For though she may be gone, my heart still beats
And with each new day, I’ll find a new beat.

I’m learning endurance, through this pain
As I hold on tight, to hope and refrain
For though she may regret, and long to return
I’ll find a way to heal, and let my heart burn

The memories we shared, now a distant past
A love once bloomed, but now it’s passed
But still, I’ll stand, with my head held high
And find the strength to move on, and try

For in each new day, a glimmer of hope
A chance to find love, and learn to cope
And though the road ahead, may be rough and long
I’ll find a way to stay strong, and carry on

For I know someday, she’ll realize her mistake
And wish she could turn back, for love’s sake
But I’ll have moved on, and found a new dawn
And with each new day, my heart will be reborn

So I’ll learn endurance, through this pain
And find a way to heal, and love again
For though she may regret, it won’t break me
And in the end, I’ll be the one, set free.

Betrayed and broken, my heart in pieces
As she uttered those words, my love releases
Like a dagger to the heart, her words did pierce
As I watched our love dissolve and disappear

Promises made, now broken and gone
Dreams we once shared, now shattered and torn
The love that once bloomed, now withered away
Leaving me alone, to pick up the pieces each day

I thought our love was strong, unbreakable and true
But now I realize, it was just a temporary hue
A fleeting passion, that faded away so soon
Leaving me with a heart that feels like a cocoon

But though my heart may be shattered and sore
I’ll find a way to heal and to restore
For though she may be gone, my love still remains
And I’ll find a way to mend my broken chains

So I’ll gather the strength, to let her go
And find a new path, where love can grow
For though she broke my heart, it won’t be forever
And one day, my heart will beat strong, like a feather.

I had a heart that has been broken and shattered into a million pieces.I am displeased by the loss of my beloved and the pain of her absence.I don’t have words to describe how my world has become a dark and lonely place without the light of my beloved one’s presence.

In your remembrance and love I’ve lost my days and nights. Where have you gone my beloved pay heed to my pleas.

The sun sets low, the sky turns red
As I lay alone in my empty bed
Thoughts of you still linger in my mind
Memories of our love, so sweet and kind

I miss the warmth of your gentle touch
The sound of your voice, that meant so much
The way you smiled, and made my heart race
The love we shared, that time can’t erase

But now you’re gone, and my heart is torn
Left with the pain, of being forlorn
My dreams of us, now shattered and broken
Left with a love, that can’t be awoken

I believed our love, was destined to be
A love that would last, for eternity
But now I see, it was just a dream
A love that faded, like a stream

But still I hold on, to hope and to faith
Believing that love, will find its own way
For though you may be gone, my heart still beats
And with each new day, I’ll find a new beat

So I’ll pick up the pieces, of my broken heart
And with each new step, I’ll make a fresh start
For in the ashes of our love, I’ll find a way
To build a new tomorrow, and find a brighter day

So I’ll embrace the pain, and learn to let go
And find a new love, that will help me grow
For though you broke my heart, it won’t be forever
And one day, my heart will beat strong, like a feather.


These words are a poignant reminder of the fragility of my emotions and the depth of the pain that can has been caused by lost love.

A timeless depiction of the human experience of loss and disappointment serves as a striking reminder of the eternal power of love and the perseverance of the human spirit in the face of loss and suffering.


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It’s been a while since I’ve spoken openly about the pain that’s been weighing heavily on my heart. It’s been a struggle to put into words the depth of emotions I’ve been feeling since she left me. Every dream I had, every hope I held onto, and every promise we made together, shattered like glass when she walked away. It felt like the world had turned against me, and I was left alone to pick up the pieces of my broken heart.

But through it all, I’ve learned that even in the darkest moments, there’s always a glimmer of hope. It may seem like an impossible task to hold onto hope when your heart feels like it’s in a million pieces. Yet, it’s in those moments where we must remind ourselves that hope is what will keep us going.

Every night, I stare out into the darkness and dream of her return. I imagine us reuniting, and the love we shared blossoming once more. It’s in those moments where I feel like everything will be okay. But then reality sets in, and I realize that it may never happen. That I may be holding onto something that’s no longer there.

It’s hard to let go of the person you loved deeply, to move on from the memories you cherished, and to accept that what once was may never be again. But it’s important to remember that even though we may be hurting, we’re not alone. others have had similar experiences, and there are people who are concerned about us and desire to heal us.

I need you to know the depth of my emotions. Every dream I had, every hope I held onto, shattered into pieces when you left. Yet, even though our love may be broken and torn, I still cling onto the smithereens of hope, dreaming of your return. I want you to understand that my heart still bleeds for you, and the love we once shared. And so, I will continue to hold onto hope and build new tokens of our love, despite the pain and heartbreak. Please know that my love for you is pure and unwavering, and my heart yearns for the fire that once burned between us.


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  1. When you fail to express what is written says it all and the words of yours itself are a proof of your feelings and depth of love that no other words can express…. blessed be the pen of your

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