Sajad Ahmad Bhat: The Erudite Entrepreneur Selling Digital Holy Qurans in Northern Kashmir

Sajad Ahmad Bhat: The Erudite Entrepreneur Selling Digital Holy Qurans in Northern Kashmir


Mohammad Yaseen Malik


The enterprising Sajad Ahmad Bhat, a well-educated individual hailing from the tehsil pattan’s Wanigam village in northern Kashmir’s Baramulla district, has established a highly organized shop specializing in digital Holy Qurans and other Islamic literature.


As per the Kashmir News Watch-KNW, Despite possessing a multitude of degrees, including a postgraduate degree in political science and a B.Ed from Kashmir University, as well as passing the State Eligibility Test (SET) in 2022 at the age of 30, Sajad chose to embark on his own Islamic venture within his vicinity.


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Following an arduous struggle to secure a job, Sajad elected to undertake a pursuit that offered him control over his life and provided better financial security. Consequently, he resolved to inaugurate a book corner in his native village of Wanigam, where he primarily features digital copies of the Holy Quran as the centerpiece of his startup’s offerings.


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From his childhood, Sajad has been an ardent adherent of his faith, a man of principles and values, which prompted him to undertake this profession and pursue earnings within it. He is of the conviction that religion has the power to kindle a spark within individuals, enabling them to contribute towards the betterment of society. Given his religious proclivities, Sajad aspired to work towards creating a better tomorrow for the coming generations, thereby leading him to establish a book stall where he sells the Holy Quran and other religious texts to benefit those in the vicinity.

For further convenience, online bookings are available at his shop for the purchase of digital copies of the Holy Quran, with orders being accepted via telephone at +91-9149601422. Sajad expressed his appreciation for his father’s support, a farmer by profession, who enabled him to bring his vision to fruition.

While the crux of Sajad Bhat’s startup is primarily to secure his livelihood, his greater goal is to impart a message to the younger generation facing employment struggles that having multiple degrees does not guarantee employment, and they should be encouraged to consider startups or businesses to safeguard themselves from the rising tide of depression and anxiety that typically accompanies unemployment. In delivering his golden words of wisdom, Sajad Bhat seeks to inspire young people to pursue entrepreneurship and cultivate their own businesses, much as he has. Thus, Sajad Bhat’s establishment serves as a beacon of hope, offering not just economic security but the opportunity to spread religious knowledge and wisdom as well.(KNW)


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