Samaritan Police Cop-Aeraf Remain on Toes To Lift Stuck Vehicles in Snow

Samaritan Police Cop-Aeraf Remain on Toes To Lift Stuck Vehicles in Snow

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Pattan: Jammu and Kashmir Police’s Sub Inspector-Aeraf incharge at Police Post Palhallan in North Kashmir’s Baramulla district provided helping hand to stuck vehicles for an entire day along Srinagar-Baramulla national highway during harsh snowy day.

As per the visuals seen on many news outlets, young police officer Aeraf was seen pushing vehicles, he remained Forefrontier of the rescue team till mid evening in rescuing stranded vehicles on Srinagar-Baramulla national highway following fresh heavy snowfall that had de Frictioned the road on way in Kashmir valley.

As per the Kashmir News Watch-KNW, Valley witnessed heavy snowfall on Monday, as the snow started getting accumulated on surface, vehicles started skidding and it became very difficult to drive and some vehicle ultimately stuck and slided on the road due to which People facing extreme difficulties in tackling the bone chilling cold.

As per Kashmir News Watch-KNW, during the snowy day in winters mostly people prefer to stay indoors, warm themselves on cozy bed but sub inspector Aeraf, when saw many vehicles were stranded on national highway and saw them helpless in biting cold, he couldn’t resist himself and went outside to provide helping hand to stuck vehicles.

Meanwhile Local people of the vicinity praised the efforts of Sub inspector posted in Police post Palhallan and said such noble activities are required to be synthesized with concentrated action, which can be solely entrusted with major task of providing helping hand during winters.

This isn’t only the first incident but there are number of humanic incidents by him that go undocumented, he’s a leader for those who want to contribute and help people in their worst.
Kudos to him, me and my team express our humble gratitude for such unsung hero.

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