Struggling youth and the Importance of Supporting their dreams

Struggling youth

Struggling youth and the Importance of Supporting their dreams

Asfeya Tailey

A child’s happiness and peace of mind are paramount, and they can only be achieved if they pursue their dreams and are satisfied. Unfortunately, many parents fail to understand this concept and impose their wishes on their children, regardless of what the child wants. While parents may sacrifice everything to provide for their children, it all goes to waste if they don’t allow them the freedom to pursue their own goals.

Success without peace of mind and satisfaction is not genuine success or happiness. A child is often taught to follow certain rules and steps, but he or she may not always follow them in the same way as taught. As children grow up, their aims and dreams for life keep changing with trends and the environment. When they reach a stage where they can think and understand what they want, all they need is a supportive environment and some advisors. However, at that critical juncture, they may be presented with the wishes of their family that do not always align with their own.

Children often do not know what to do or where to go until they reach a certain stage where they can think and understand what they want. However, when they know what goals and objectives are suitable according to their abilities, they often get disappointed when their family presents them with options that do not match their interests. This can lead to depression, anxiety, and even suicide.

It is essential to pursue one’s interests at every stage of life. Without interest, one cannot do things correctly. Often, people spend years fulfilling the wishes of their loved ones, fearing that they will disappoint them or society. They end up finding no peace or are sometimes drained of their confidence. The line “Let me be free and do what is suitable according to my ability” echoes in the minds of those who are pressured to do what they never thought of. This pressure is the reason why youth is suffering from depression, cardiac arrest, and many other issues. Sometimes, it leads people to find a better solution to suicide.

Supportive families, who accept their children’s dreams, make their future amazing, peaceful, and successful. Involving oneself and forcing one’s child to pursue what the family wants, rather than what the child wants, makes it difficult for them to survive. Children will try every possible way to cut off all connections with their families and find shelter in the arms of those who support them. This will turn a growing flower into a thorny and harsh one, destroying their mental peace.

No passion is superior or inferior when it comes to satisfaction and interest. Often, children do what their family wants them to do, but once they encounter a failure, they lose hope and become afraid to try different paths to succeed. The guilt of not standing up for themselves against their family’s wishes will continue to haunt them and slowly destroy them from within.

As parents, it is crucial to guide children and teach them what is right and wrong, but ultimately, the choice is theirs. They can fit into various fields according to their abilities, but they won’t be happy unless it involves their will. It is their time to live, grow, and face challenges, and they will never learn unless parents act as supportive individuals rather than hindrances to their goals.

This precious and sensitive stage of their life can either take a proper and smooth way with happiness and interest or continue down the wrong path. Parents must choose to be supportive or let their children be consumed by guilt, sadness, and disappointment.

Struggling youth

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