The Girl In black: An Episode Of Embarrassment

The Girl In black: An Episode Of Embarrassment

Mohammad Yaseen Malik

Fri 09 Sep: The noisy atmosphere, the wailing voices of bus conductors in between the echoing of the horns and those slight sunny rays in the heart of Srinagar ! I was tidey and calm siting on the window seat of the bus gazing onto everything happening around me. The moment I took off my shoes I felt the breeze oozing into my socks entering every pore of my finger tip . All of the sudden a sweet little and low sound drifted through my left ear , asking me for the exchange of the seat .

However that voice and the gesture was so gentle and sweet that I couldn’t nod .So I decided to let her in , to sit on the side she wished to but but but ……….
The black has it’s own effect it never shines or emits light . Same I got , the tone of that low and sweet voice got changed on the eye blink . The class of words and the tone of the words was so embarrassing as she uttered , ” Go and sit somewhere else ” no no she also directed me where to sit but not here beside her !

I was taken aback by the sudden metamorphosis in her demeanor, as I grappled to comprehend the cause of such an abrupt change. Could my prior utterances or deeds have been the impetus for this occurrence? Perhaps she was grappling with her own inner turmoil or was plagued by a foul mood. Regrettably, my introspection bore no fruit as I endeavored to shake off the profound embarrassment that had washed over me, striving to refocus on my immediate surroundings.

As the bus journey continued, a palpable shift in the atmosphere ensued for me. I was beset by self-consciousness and wariness, as I avoided any semblance of eye contact or conversation with the enigmatic girl in black. The incident replayed incessantly in my mind, as I sought to decipher the reasons behind her inexplicable reaction.

Finally, the bus reached it’s destination, I hastily gathered my belongings, eager to disembark and put an end to the discomforting ordeal. As I bid adieu to the uneasy encounter, I reflected on the valuable lesson I had learned – that not everyone will reciprocate our gestures or behave as expected, and it is prudent to eschew the burden of unmet expectations from others.

Concluding the unexpected episode of embarrassment with the girl in black was a humbling reminder that not everyone will respond in kind or meet our expectations. It served as a valuable lesson in navigating human interactions with mindfulness and understanding, devoid of the burden of unmet expectations. It emphasized the importance of cultivating empathy and grace, and refraining from taking other’s behavior personally when it deviates from our anticipated outcome. As I walked away from the bus stop, I carried with me the wisdom to never expect the same in return, and to approach interactions with equanimity, recognizing that each person has their own unique perspective and experiences that shape their actions.
I summarized my thoughts in one persain proverb.

به هیچ کس چنین انتظاری نداشته باش تا خیبیتی نخوری

Meaning ▪︎Expectations evoke forlorn▪︎
( Be not expectant of such from anyone, lest you be disappointed)

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