The Plight of Socioeconomically Marginalized Sections of Kashmir ¦ Authentic Assistance or Superficial Pantomime?

The Plight of Socioeconomically Marginalized Sections of Kashmir ¦ Authentic Assistance or Superficial Pantomime?


Mohammad Yaseen Malik


In the realm of social media, we are witnessing a conspicuous display of ostentatious efforts aimed at alleviating the dire economic conditions faced by the marginalized segments of Kashmiri society. Pictures abound of distribution drives and aid kits being disseminated, accompanied by lofty claims of benevolent assistance to the indigent. However, upon closer scrutiny of the ground reality, a distressing disparity between appearances and actual impact emerges, posing a poignant question: is the purported help genuine or merely a façade for photo opportunities and social media accolades?

( O hi am helping this poor family congrat me and make me hero)

(Hello guys are you watching how I am helping these poor Folks O M G how kind i am )

The sobering truth is that numerous families in Kashmir are grappling with despondency, desolation, and abject poverty. These families, beleaguered by the harsh realities of economic deprivation, yearn for substantive support that transcends perfunctory photo sessions and hollow social media posts. Alarming escalations in suicide rates among the socioeconomically marginalized sections of Kashmiri society bear witness to the profound sense of abandonment and neglect felt by these vulnerable individuals. In light of this, it becomes imperative to discern whether the aid being proffered is truly transformative in nature.


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While the visible efforts to aid the economically disadvantaged sections of Kashmiri society are commendable, it is crucial to ascertain that these endeavors do not remain confined to performative gestures designed for ephemeral social media validation, but instead manifest as meaningful and sustainable solutions that tackle the underlying causes of poverty in the region. Dispensing aid kits and capturing photo ops may provide transient respite, but they fall short of addressing the systemic issues that perpetuate poverty in the region.


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A genuine commitment is required to uplift the socioeconomically marginalized sections of Kashmiri society. This entails providing access to quality education, comprehensive healthcare, and viable livelihood opportunities. It demands the creation of an enabling environment wherein families are not compelled to resort to extreme measures, such as suicide, as a consequence of entrenched poverty and disillusionment. It necessitates addressing structural challenges, such as unemployment, inadequate infrastructure, and limited access to basic amenities, such as potable water and sanitation facilities.

Furthermore, efforts to assist the socioeconomically marginalized sections of Kashmiri society must transcend sporadic and short-term initiatives. They should be characterized by sustained and coordinated endeavors, involving concerted action by individuals, groups, and the government to devise enduring solutions that yield enduring impacts on the lives of the underprivileged.

In addition, it is imperative to engage local communities and empower them as active participants in the development process. The local communities possess intimate knowledge of ground realities, contextual challenges, and pertinent solutions. Involving them in decision-making processes and granting them a voice can ensure that the assistance offered is tailored to their unique needs and is sustainable in the long run, while the current efforts to aid the socioeconomically marginalized sections of Kashmiri society are laudable, it is imperative to transcend the veneer of performative gestures and social media posturing.

Authentic assistance necessitates sustained and coordinated action, addressing the systemic issues that perpetuate poverty, engaging local communities, and crafting substantive and sustainable solutions. Mere tokenism is inadequate; substantive change that uplifts the lives of the economically vulnerable in Kashmir must be the unwavering aspiration. It is time to transcend the ephemeral allure of hashtags and translate intentions into tangible impacts on the lives of the socioeconomically marginalized in Kashmir.


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