Unearthing Heaving: Bandipora’s Young Tribal Girl unlocked the Hidden Treasures of Kashmir

Unearthing Heaving: Bandipora’s Young Tribal Girl unlocked the Hidden Treasures of Kashmir

Mohammad Yaseen Malik

Bandipora: A 24-year-old tribal girl, Shabnam Bashir(Gojer Chechi) , tourism researcher from Quilmuqam village in north Kashmir’s Bandipora District, is on her toes to accomplish her dreams inscribing untrodden pastures on the tourism map.

  • As per the Kashmir News Watch-KNW, Shabnam Bashir, not only promotes eco-tourism in the untrodden meadows of Nachini, Nagmarg, Dumghali, Danna, kemsar, lashkoot and other forest glades of district Bandipora but also champions cultural ambiguity of these areas.
Shabnam Bashir(Gojer Chechi) tourism Researcher and social activist tribal girl from Quilmuqam Bandipora. Photo: Mohsin Mushtaq

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  • Shabnam has also published a debut book “Unexplored Kashmir” this book is all about untraversed tourist destinations of the Kashmir, after taking a tour on foot of some eight remote meadows of north Kashmir and orchestrating them in detail.
  • The main aim of compiling the book was to give a glimpse and knowledge to the people of Kashmir about these unexplored areas, that are quite adventurous and people will fall in love with these elegant meadows and these untraveled and attractive place with unveil the hidden paradise, she adds.
  • In a recent interview with Kashmir News Watch-KNW, Shabnam said that I’ve faced several challenges in life. I lost my brother in this juggernaut journey but i never looked back and focus on my aim of getting my vicinity a tourist hub which is known as remote village in Bandipora.

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  • Shabnam recently leads the valley’s first tribal girls trekking group from Ketsan, Aloosa village to the glades of Nachini, Nagmarg, and attempted the impossible to boost the eco-tourism industry in the area and to oust the tribal girls from the spiral of silence they are dominated by.
Shabnam Bashir , leading the valley’s first tribal girls trekking group from Ketsan, Aloosa village to the glades of Nachini, Nagmarg to unlock the Hidden Treasures of Kashmir. Photo: Mohsin Mushtaq
  • Her potential and self-assurance has made her think par her age and perhaps her gender too at her conservative surroundings where girls are meant to get married at an early age of 13.
  • With inexhaustible dreams she dared to dream for oneself and her fella villagers unlike other lases of her age at her area. She has thought of creating a tourist hub in her village which is remote in itself without any tourist attractive locus.
A picture of tribal girls trekking while climbing to unexplored meadows in the upper reaches in North Kashmir Bandipora District. Photo: Mohsin Mushtaq
  • Following the footsteps towards her goal and aim of getting recognition for her area which certainly won hearts and people started, her friend’s relatives and family started thinking on her lines too and supported her too.

Shabnam Bashir, tourism researcher Interacts with Tribals during her research to bring the hidden tourist destinations in Bandipora mountains on map to boost the eco-tourism industry in the area. Photo: Mohsin Mushtaq
  • Thou roaming from place to place is their usual toil but she made her toil quite productive, there are so many places that are yet to get explored we need to unearth and find some more jewels for like chronicle of Narnia.

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Mohsin Mushtaq, Contributed photos to this story, He is Pursuing Masters in Journalism at MERC department in University of Kashmir and can be reached at mmk224556@gmail.com

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