Youth Detained After Reckless Stunt Video Goes Viral in Budgam: A Lesson in Promoting Safety

Youth Detained After Reckless Stunt Video Goes Viral in Budgam: A Lesson in Promoting Safety

In today’s digital world, social media has the power to turn ordinary individuals into overnight sensations. However, sometimes these viral videos showcase dangerous activities that not only endanger the life of the perpetrator but also put others at risk. A recent incident in Budgam, where a youth performed reckless stunts on a bike, highlights the need for responsible behavior and the importance of parental guidance.


The Viral Video:

A video depicting a local youth from Pakherpora, Budgam, performing dangerous stunts on a public road went viral on social media platforms. As the video gained traction, the Budgam Police swiftly took action and detained the individual responsible for the stunt. The person in question has been identified as Amir Rashid Wagay, a resident of Khaigam Pulwama.

Reckless Behavior and Legal Implications:
The police spokesperson explained that not only did Amir’s actions pose a significant threat to his own life, but they also endangered the safety of pedestrians and other road users. In response, the police booked Amir under relevant sections of the Motor Vehicles Act. Additionally, the bike used in the dangerous stunts, which lacked a number plate and genuine documentation, was seized.

Promoting Safety:

The Budgam Police’s statement urges parents and guardians to take an active role in supervising and guiding the activities of their children. With technological advancements and growing online influences, it is crucial for parents to be aware of their children’s online activities and educate them about responsible behavior.

Responsibility as Netizens:

As members of the public, it is essential to promptly report any similar incidents to the authorities. By doing so, we actively contribute to maintaining and promoting public safety. We should remember that our online presence comes with responsibilities, and we must use social media platforms responsibly, avoiding the glorification of dangerous activities.



The incident in Budgam serves as a stark reminder of the importance of public safety and responsible behavior. As parents, it’s our duty to guide and supervise our children, both online and offline. We must teach them about the potential consequences of irresponsible actions and the value of respecting rules and regulations.

Let’s strive to create a society where viral videos showcase talent, creativity, and positive contributions rather than reckless and harmful behavior. By working together, we can ensure a safer and more responsible online community for everyone.

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